The Graphic Voice is an eclectic, affordable design platform that exists to get your ideas out of your head and bring them into actuality. We all have a story; whether you are creating a brand, throwing a party, getting married, turning 40, putting on a show, fleshing out a new idea, moving to Morocco, recreating your image. Tell your story. Make it seen.

Our mission is not to discriminate or be lead by trend or an archetypically cool aesthetic. At the GV we are more interested in story telling. We value varied tastes and styles, and want to work with you to create something fresh, honest, striking and beautiful, something which is a honest projection of you and your concept. The Graphic Voice has worked with a diverse client base: from corporate brands to personal start ups, weddings to political campaigns, international dance tours to new green schools, album covers to book covers.

Take a look at our projects, stay in touch with Our Voice through our blog and get in touch. Read more about our creative director below.